Taking your Wedding Dress Abroad on a flight as Hand Luggage

If you are getting married abroad & flying, you can transport your Wedding Dress safely using one of our high quality sturdy PH Neutral Wedding Dress Travel Boxes. A wedding abroad is exciting, but travelling with your expensive wedding dress can be a daunting experience. Airlines could lose or misplace your luggage, the dress could get badly damaged, dirty or creased.

The answer to solving this & giving you peace of mind is by using a Wedding Dress Travel Box from Bonbod’s. All of our travel & storage boxes can be personalised, they are PH Neutral, they come with dress folding & packing instructions, acid free tissue. Make a statement to the other Brides at the airport check in when you arrive proudly carrying one of our travel boxes.

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Beware of cheap travel boxes from ebay or Amazon, a lot of sellers claim their boxes are PH Neutral, when actually they are not. These boxes can cause damage to your wedding dress material so tread carefully. The card for our wedding travel boxes is PH Neutral and very high quality. Our travel boxes will preserve & protect your wedding dress after your special day, so you can store your dress safely for years to come, without discolouration.

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So if you are looking for a wedding dress travel  box to take abroad as a wedding dress hand luggage box you have come to the right place. Our products are cabin size wedding dress boxes and fit with all major airline hand-luggage requirements, they are perfect for overhead lockers. Having your beautiful wedding dress close by & safe will give you peace of mind as you fly to your overseas wedding location.

After your wedding the wedding dress travel box can be used as a wedding keepsake memory box, you can store a life time of memories from your wedding day.

See some of our latest 2016 designs on the video below 🙂

Some handy tips for taking your wedding dress abroad.

  1. Use a Wedding Gown Air Travel Box to safely transport your wedding outfit or wedding dress.
  2. Always take your outfit or dress aboard the plane as hand luggage so it’s close by & safe.
  3. Make sure the dress is packed with plenty of acid free tissue in a sturdy PH Neutral wedding travel box.
  4. Never place any makeup or toiletries in the wedding travel box in case of leaks.
  5. Unpack your dress at your hotel & hang it somewhere safe, the hotel should offer a pressing service if required.
  6. Don’t worry.. the wedding dress will only be packed for one day of travelling, so in the right wedding travel case should arrive perfect.
  7. Use a wedding travel box that you love, it can be kept after the wedding for storing your dress & hold years of memories of your special day.

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So if you are flying with Thomas Cook, Thomson, First Choice, British Airways, Virgin your wedding dress will be safe as hand luggage. Always check with the airline as sizes do change. If you have any questions at all, please contact me Bonnie & will be more than happy to advise you. I can also be found on social media, please join us on Facebook.

bride & bridesmaid with travel boxes at the airportHappy Customers – Bride & Bridesmaids at the airport with Travel Boxes ready to fly:)

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